Assisted Living Facilities


Facility Based On Site Psychiatric Consultation

Our practice model increases access to behavioral health services by providing onsite mental health and psychiatric services; while promoting continuity of care with primary care physicians. At Health and Psychiatry, our seasoned clinicians understand the unique needs of seniors residing in Assisted Living or Skilled-Nursing facilities. With that in mind, our multi-disciplinary team is able to attend to the mental health needs of our patients in the comfort of a familiar environment by seeing patients where they live; eliminating the stress of off site medical appointments.

We understand how losses of independence, relationships, health, and autonomy can negatively affect our patients and families; we are able to facilitate a healthy psychological transition with a variety of interventions minimizing the need for psychiatric hospital admissions.

For patient's and families we offer the following services:

  •   complete psychiatric evaluations
  •   ongoing medication management
  •   behavioral interventions, psychotherapy, and psycho-education
  •    consultation with primary care providers

For administrators and staff we offer:

  •    Expert psychiatric consultation related to CMS quality performance indicators such as gradual dose reduction programs, and utilization of psychotropic medications; our clinicians have a proven track record and work diligently to achieve results below state and national averages
  •    Behavioral Health Chart Documentation
  •    Staff behavioral health in-service sessions
  •    On call support for facility staff
  •    Facilitation of inpatient psychiatric admissions when warranted
  •   Collaboration with Primary Care Physicans, PA's and ARNP's

*Baker Act Examinations provided as appropriate

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