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Depression is treatable, but standard therapies and medications don’t help everyone. Dedicated to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge care, experienced psychiatrist Dinar Sajan, MD, and her team at Health & Psychiatry offer transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a treatment for a major depressive disorder that doesn’t respond to traditional therapies. To get the help you need, contact one of the offices across Florida by phone, or you can request an appointment online today.


What is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)?

NeuroStar TMS is a noninvasive procedure that uses pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate neurons in your brain to improve symptoms of depression. Health & Psychiatry offers TMS therapy for major depressive disorder and uses the NeuroStar® advanced therapy TMS system for treatment.  

Am I a good candidate for TMS?

Dr. Sajan and her team determine if you’re a good candidate for TMS during your consultation. For all new patients, she conducts an initial psychiatric evaluation to identify the biological, psychological, and social factors that may contribute to your depression symptoms.

She may recommend TMS if you suffer from a major depressive disorder, and other treatments like medication management and talk therapy have failed to relieve your symptoms. 

How does TMS work?

During your TMS session, Dr. Sajan and her team place an electromagnetic coil against your scalp near your forehead. She then activates the NeuroStar advanced therapy system, and the electromagnet painlessly delivers a magnetic pulse that stimulates neurons in the region of your brain involved in mood regulation and depression.  

What can I expect during TMS treatment?

Your TMS treatment is an outpatient procedure conducted at the office. During your first TMS therapy session, the team needs to identify your specific treatment location and the most effective dose of magnetic energy.  

During this session, which may take about an hour, you sit in a reclining chair and given earplugs to wear during the procedure. Dr. Sajan and her team then place the NeuroStar magnetic coil on your head and turns the energy off and on to produce stimulating pulses. You may feel a tapping sensation or hear a clicking sound during this process, which is called mapping. 

She determines the best magnetic dose by increasing the amount of magnetic energy given until your fingers or hands twitch. Known as your motor threshold, Dr. Sajan and her team use this dose as a reference point for determining the right dosage for your TMS treatment and then adjusts it as needed based on your symptoms. 

To get the best results from your TMS treatment, Dr. Sajan and her team recommend daily sessions five days a week for 6-7 weeks. Your follow-up TMS sessions only take about 18 minutes, and you can resume your usual activities after treatment. 

Your symptoms may begin to improve a few weeks after you start treatments. Though results vary, you may experience a complete resolution of your depression symptoms after your TMS therapy. 

To learn more about TMS, contact Health & Psychiatry by phone or request an appointment online today. 

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